Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A new car... it may be wishful thinking

In high school I drove a minivan. A '95 minivan. When I got it, it was already 8 years old. Complete with the carseat in the back for my little brother (he was 6 when I got my license). While I loved the fact that I 1) had a car and 2) it was free. I hated the fact that I drove a minivan. Fast forward 3 years later and my dad was buying me a car since the van bit the dust. He bought me this cute little car. I loved that. It was small, comfortable... and not a minivan. Five years after that, when Drew and I bought our first car together, I wanted to stick with the small car size. I liked being able to fit into small spaces. I liked driving a car. 

Please notice that I said "liked"

Once Fynn was born, I realized I want something bigger. Something that handles well in the snow (because this IS Maine after all). Something that feels a little more substantial. Back in December we looked, looked, and looked at SUV's and crossovers, including some pretty little Nissans. We found several that I loved. Several that I could picture myself driving. Several that I really wanted. Unfortunately, we don't seem to be able to afford it right now. Which is disappointing. Because I want a new car. A pretty, shiny, bigger new car for me and the baby.

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  1. I had a minivan in high school too! Totally ruins them for you for life. Good luck getting a new ride!

  2. I have been dreaming of an SUV as well. Eventually! :-D

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