Saturday, April 20, 2013


My post yesterday about my teeth and retainers made me think a lot about braces... and their massive cost.

I still can't believe my parents spent so much money, just to give me straight teeth. I don't know the actual amount, but I'm sure it's a ton knowing what I do about orthodontics (which is very little). Granted, I'm truly grateful as I was blessed with a mouth full of crazy teeth. Overlapping, random angles, and a few extra teeth were my lot in life. Now I'm lucky to have fantastic teeth that earn me a lot of compliments on my smile.

But was it worth it?

Will I be willing/able to spend that much money on Fynn should she "need" braces?

I honestly don't know. It's worth it to me in terms of feeling confident and comfortable with my own mouth (how it looks, not the crap that comes out of it). But I still find it crazy that something as small as uneven teeth has become this huge industry in which we feel compelled to "fix" these "imperfections".

This world is a crazy, crazy place.

But check out those pearly whites ":) 

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  1. You do have a beautiful smile. I envy you.

    My teeth are in random angles - one tooth is completely sideways. I hate my smile - always have.

    You are so lucky. And when it comes to your child needing braces, don't hesitate. It is huge for self esteem and confidence.

    Bye for now, Darlene


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