Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This post was brought to you by Mavatar. All ideas and opinions are my own.

I love buying things online... probably because it's easy and I'm lazy. But the major benefit from online shopping is being able to compare prices. I'm cheap frugal and love finding a good deal. 

Enter Mavatar. It's a web browers ad on or iPad app that you can use while shopping online. You just shop from their supported stores like you usually would. When you add items to your cart, Mavatar's smart shopping cart automatically searches for any deals and promo codes for the item and applies them. It also includes the shipping costs so you can see how much the item will really cost you (I hate when sites show you this great "deal" and then hit you with huge shipping costs) You can also ad your own coupons and promo codes to the app and Mavatar will automatically apply it wherever it will work.  Then you just check out as usual at the regular site. 

The app is easy to use and also saves your carts from different stores for you. That way, if your like me and add stuff to card and then debate about it for a couple of days before buying, you can have all your items and promotions saved. You can also create wishlists to share with others... in case you need a *hint*hint* for someone in your life to buy you something you've been eyeing.

Here's a screen shot of the app on my iPad. It lets you look at items by category, and then add them to your cart. You can then look at your different carts (from different stores) and see how much you can save. Now, obviously, I'm not going to buy a $348 sweater... but it was cute, and if I were going to buy it, I could save $21.50. The app automatically found that discount for me and added it. Now I need to go play around and find a bathing suit for myself. Fynn starts swim lessons in a few weeks, and this Mama's got nothing to wear! 


  1. New follower from the GFC blog hop! I'm a Mainer TOOOO! LOL :) Can't wait to read more! Would love it if you checked out my blog :)


  2. I'm totally an online shopper! Love the 'easy' as long as it's free shipping. ;)

    Most Recent Post: Evy's Tree Giveaway on Eloquent English

    Have a great day!


  3. fun! I'll have to try it out! Getting it on the ipad now :)

  4. Hi ladies,

    This is Alex from Mavatar! Im so glad that you had a good experience, Amanda. It feels great to get a deal, and Mavatar is great for many other things too.

    I hope you ladies get to check it out, and tell me what you think! We would love to have your feedback. You can email me at alexandra@mavatar.com anytime!!

    Happy shopping!

  5. New follower from the Bloglovin' Collective! I loooove me some online shopping! Dangerous stuff there :)



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