Friday, April 5, 2013

My New Toy

About 6 months ago our vacuum bit the dust. It started smoking and smelled nasty. It was a vacuum we'd had since college, and hadn't really worked right since the crazy cat lady in the apartment across the hall from us senior year borrowed it. We don't know what she did with it... and probably don't want to know... but it was never the same. Nevertheless, we're cheap, so we continued to use it for way longer than we should have. Once it started smoking, we ditched the thing, mostly because we were convinced it was going to burn down the house.

And then for 6 months we just didn't have a vacuum. That's right. 6 months. 

It should probably bother me, but to be honest, we only vacuumed about ever 6 months anyway. Yes, I should probably be ashamed to admit to that. In my defense, our whole downstairs is either hardwood or tile. Upstairs is carpet, but until Fynn was born, the only room we used up there was our bedroom. Thus not vacuuming for 6+months and only being mildly concerned about it.

Now that Fynn's crawling, we realized this shameful housekeeping couldn't continue. After a few weeks of pulling hairballs, dirt, and even a ladybug oncce (only once!) out of her little hands (or sometimes her mouth) we got fed up. 

We did some quick research. Found the vacuum we liked. Headed to Sears. And bought this:

Isn't she perty?

I love the fact that it's orange. It just makes the crappy job of vacuuming at least a little enjoyable. It's a Kenmore canister vacuum with all kinds of do-dads that Drew claims can clean a bunch of surfaces. Whatever. It also has a handy little attachment that is for pet hair. Zoey doesn't shed, but her hair (and mine) does end up all over the place, so this should be cool should I ever decide to actually use it. 

I used the vacuum the day we got it... and will probably use it again sometime soon (don't you love my devotion to a clean house?). It was really lightweight, easy to use and the cord retracts easily which means it doesn't get all tangled up and messy.

The part that killed me? As we were walking out of another store that same day, Drew turns to me and says "what's with you getting all the toys lately? First the iPad, now the vacuum. I think I need to get something cool for my truck now"

Right Drew. Cause the vacuum is 1) a toy 2) mine- let me go die laughing at the though of ANY cleaning product being mine. I'll admit it's pretty, but I had much better ideas for how to spend almost $200. I hope this kid appreciates my sacrifice.

FYI- this is not in any way a sponsored post. I bought this bad boy with my own hard-earned cash, but if Kenmore or Sears or any of their affiliates wants to sponsor me or provide me with, say vacuum bags or any other products to review, I'd be totally open to it... just saying :) 


  1. LOL, I'm seriously so glad you admitted to only vacuuming once in a blue moon, because I'm the SAME way. Sounds like we have more carpet than you so I have no good defense. It'll occur to me *maybe* every month if I'm lucky (or if we happen to have company coming over) that we haven't vacuumed in a while, and I'll do it sometime after that. Thank goodness we don't have pets. But I do shed--my hair seems to be everywhere. And I'll only dust once I notice handprints on our furniture--or worse, kids writing words in the dust. :)

  2. We have the older version of that and it's blue. They're good! Drew is right, all those attachments are great!

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