Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scrap This

Below is a guest post from Michele from The Mommy Blogger Directory

Ladies, are you religious in your scrapbooking projects? Do you see life through a camera lens, scrapbooking your baby's first steps and that fun family vacation while it's still in progress? Then it's official - you are a scrapaholic!

I get lost when I'm scrapbooking. Forget about laundry, scrubbing floors or making dinner - my little pea-brain is concocting a brilliant masterpiece. So many colors and fonts to choose from. So many cute phrases, cut-out paper dolls and embellishments. We scrapaholics have more than enough stickers and papers to choose from to keep us busy for years! When you invest that much time and money in your craft, it stands to reason that you should have a beautiful book to display your work in.

For a limited time you can purchase a high-quality album at an unbelievable price. The album has a slot in the front to display that special picture that is too good to hide inside. And with four themes to choose from; holiday, camping, birthday or family vacation, you're sure to make your scrapbook friends jealous. To order your album, simply choose which theme you'd like, and enter your credit card information along with the address. Once your order has been processed, it will take about 2-4 weeks for deliver. (*Disclaimer: I don't actually have a blog, or even scrapbooks you can buy, for that matter. But if I did you better believe they'd be incredible!)

Please feel free to check out my photo gallery to see some of my masterpieces. My flair for color and decor is put to good use in my scrapbook. I'm picky when it comes to embellishing, so trust me when I say - I'm a genius! Sometimes I just sit here for hours, staring at my divine works of art. Why, these scrappings are too good to be viewed from here - they belong in a museum! Hey, I warned you about my pea-brain.

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