Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Social

Did you sleepwalk as a child?

Not that I know of. Knowing my family, they would have told me and made a big deal about it if I had.

Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?

I "ran away" once when I got in a big fight with my mom... I spent about 3 hours sitting up in a tree on the edge of our property. When I gave up and went inside because I was hungry... she hadn't even noticed I was gone. I guess I failed at running away. 

Did you have any imaginary friends?

OhEmGee yes... I had a ton of imaginary friends. I'd make up these whole scenarios and act them out, pretending that my "friends" were contributing the other half.

Did you ever go toilet papering?

In high school once a bunch of the girls from the softball team and I did it to our captains... except we called her dad first to tell him what we were doing, so he wouldn't be pissed. We were real tough. Real tough.

Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren’t allowed to watch?

All the time. As a kid my sister and I weren't allowed to watch MTV, The Simpsons, Saved by the Bell... I could go on and on... so of course whenever we were home alone we watched all those shows. When I got a little older and started staying up later then my parents, I started watching a lot of rated R movies that were on late at night... technically I was never told I couldn't watch them... but I'm pretty sure it was assumed. Funny part about all these things we weren't allowed to watch is that my brother has always watched whatever he wanted... including some shows that we weren't allowed to... he's ten years younger than me. I think my parents just gave up. 


  1. I think I ran away once and made it to the end of our street, lol! Thanks for joining us at the Let' Get Social Sunday party. Have a wonderful day:)

  2. Oh I have 2 younger brothers one is 14 and the other is 17 and man they get to do everything that I didnt, So I say me and my older brother broke my parents in :D I hope you can come visit my blog :D

  3. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Social at Call Me PMc ~Paula

  4. I'm 'Hopping' on over from the Let's Get Social Sunday hop! I am now following your blog!! ~KM

  5. Weren't imaginary friends the best? Hope you have a great weekend.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  6. You weren't allowed to watch Saved by the Bell? I'm so sorry! I hope you watch reruns now :)


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