Friday, April 19, 2013


Bet you thought that this post was going to be about Fynn teething, didn't you? Nope, this one's about me (since that kid still doesn't have a single tooth. Pretty sure she's going to go to kindergarten with a big, gummy smile)

The other night I randomly decided to wear my retainer. I haven't worn it in more than a year... actually pretty much since I found out I was pregnant because retainers and massive morning sickness don't quite mix for some odd reason. Lately I've noticed that some of my bottom teeth have shifted, so I figured I'd put my retainer in to try to get them back in place. To be honest, I didn't even think my retainers would still even fit, so I was shocked when they slid in without too much protest. The next morning my teeth were quite sore, but everything seems to have moved back into their "proper" place. Which leads me to my question today:

How long will my teeth move for?

I got braces in the 7th grade after having a bunch of baby AND adult teeth pulled (apparently I had extra teeth... like a shark). I wore braces, a lip bumper, and headgear (just at night!) for two years before getting them removed a few weeks before starting high school. Cue, the retainer. I was told to wear it 24/7 for awhile, then just at nights. But there was never a end date mentioned. As in "wear these until you're like 18 and then you'll be good to go and have perfect teeth". I didn't really think much about it, just figured I'd wean off of them slowly. 

Well, that didn't quite go according to plan. First off, I never actually wore my retainers 24/7. I couldn't talk with the damn things in and was way too vain to walk around like that. So I wore them all the time when I was home and then shoved them in my pocket when I was at school or with friends. I never felt like my teeth moved much because I had them in a lot. Over the years I started wearing them less and less until I graduated from college when I was wearing them once every two weeks or so. I'd wear them move often if I felt like my teeth were moving, but they usually went in pretty easily.

I'm now 26. I've had my braces off for 12 years now, yet my teeth still move. Not much (clearly since I was able to fit my retainers in after a year of no use) but enough that I don't think I can toss my retainers. Will I ever get to that point? Or is it my teeth's nature to attempt to migrate back to their original position for the remainder of my life? Am I going to be an 80 year old lady popping in her blue retainer at night in the nursing home? (assuming I still have my own teeth at that point) Or is there a point where my teeth will just become accustomed to their new homes and give up on moving? Am I a freak for thinking about this so much? Probably.

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  1. Your teeth will still move if you don't wear the retainer. I have permanent retainers and they suck but if I were to have them removed my teeth would start to move and I'd have to go to a regular retainer.


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