Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

  • Why do I have a million ideas for blog posts during the day... but then I can't remember them at all when I sit down to write. Frustrating
  • Drew and I discovered Tuesday that Fynn's doctor's office doesn't have any toys in the waiting room. What kind of pediatrician's office doesn't have toys?!? (and yes, I get it's probably to prevent the spread of germs... but isn't that half the fun of going to the doctors?)
  • Why is it that short days/weeks always feel so much longer? Tuesday I had a half day to take Fynn to her peds appointment. That afternoon dragged.on.forever. This week is a 4 day week (VACATION STARTS FRIDAY WOOT-WOOT) and it's the longest freaking week ever.
  • Speaking of vacation. Okay, I get that it's awesome that I get so many days/weeks off (not to mention summers) but why is it that the last two weeks before any vacation feel like hell weeks? Is it because I know vacation is so close and the wait is agonizing? Or is it because my profession is such that after 6-8 weeks of it my mind is in desperate need of a break?
  • Is it bad that we often sometimes call the baby to "come" while snapping/whistling/patting our legs? Or it worse that she "obeys" better than the dog? Pretty sure Zoey has no idea what we want when we tell her to come (or she just doesn't give a crap) while Fynn gets all excited and crawls over to us. 
  • At night, when I go to bed, I miss Fynn. She's right in the next room, sleeping peacefully... but I just miss her and want to hold her close. By the time I go to bed at night she's been asleep for about 3 hours and I just want to scoop her out of her crib and snuggle with her. 


  1. I love you you miss Fynn when you go to bed. Aubrey is 2 years old and I still get up, walk into her room and give her a kiss each night before I fall asleep.

  2. Aw that is so sweet. I bet you have one of those monitors you can peek at her though!

  3. I am cracking up because I call WB over to me too like that. He never listens.

    And sometimes I do scoop WB out of his crib (and I did with L as well) and snuggle and rock him. They are only little once!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. My son likes you to throw things specifically so he can bring them back to u..aka playing fetch. He's almost 2.

    Stopping by from the link up.


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