Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Months

Getting closer and closer to that monumental 1 year mark!

Baby girl, you are a character. You constantly crack me up with your antics and your attitude. I love being around you and watching you discover the world.

This month you:

  • Are a master at crawling. You book it around here on super-speed. We have to run to keep up with you!
  • Learned how to go up stairs. Which is scary. You now love the stairs and try to scramble up them every chance you get

  • Pull up on everything. It's so quick. One second you're sitting or crawling, the next you're standing up like "hey, what's going on here?"
  • Are starting to stand on your own a bit. You'll let go of things and just stand there, playing with a toy like you're a big kid or something.
  • Eat like crazy. You love food, especially Goldfish. If you see them you freak out and get all excited. We have to hide them when we buy them at the grocery store
  • Speak more. Not just random sounds and noises, but you're starting to use different tones and inflections when you speak. Sometimes you go on and on and it sounds likes you're having a whole conversation... just in a language no one else understands. 
  • Still have no teeth. I joke that I'll have to get you dentures for when you start kindergarten because it seems like you're in no rush to actually have chompers of your own. 
  • Dance! You love music and shake your whole little body to it every time you hear some.
  • Sleep better. You go to bed around 7 or 8 get up once during the night before you wake up around 6... a tremendous change from our 5 times a night wake ups.
  • Nap better at home. I can get you to take two 2-hour naps a day when you're home with me. At daycare you still struggle with naps, I think you're just too interested in everything else going on and are afraid you'll miss something if you take a nap.
  • Are NOT a baby. You don't like being held like a baby. You're not really a fan of bottles any more. You want to be a big kid, and do what the big kids do at daycare. The other day you were SO excited to sit on the front steps at daycare with two older kids. 

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  1. Aww it seems like just yesterday my son was ten months and I was looking forward to and dreading the big one year mark. Now he is two! And just for the record what do they put in Goldfish to make them so gosh darn addictive to kids?

    Thanks for linking up at the Tuesday Baby link up. I hope to see you again this week.


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