Saturday, May 4, 2013

April Birchbox

I signed up for Birchbox, and got my first box in April. I figured it was only $10, so it was worth a try. 

First look. It was smaller then I had thought it would be, but I was still excited to see what I had gotten.

Love the info card, told me everything I needed to know about each item and what it does.

Hail Merry Macaroons $5 for an 8 piece bag. I got a sample bag with two in it

I wasn't sure what to think about these when I first saw them. It seemed interesting... they're gluten free, vegan and "low temperature dehydrated". These macaroons were...not so great. I don't like coconut anyway, so I knew I probably wouldn't like them, but Drew LOVES coconut and he didn't like them either. The chocolate on them wasn't very good. I was disappointed at first that there were only two in the bag, but after trying them I realized that I didn't matter.
Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color the full size bottles are $37 and $39 each.
I really liked this shampoo and conditioner sample. They smelled amazing and left my hair soft and clean feeling. I don't color my hair, so I didn't see any difference between this and another shampoo, but I liked it a lot. 

Skin & Co Sicilian Body Gel- $17.50 for 8.45 fl oz
I thought this was cool as it's supposed to be a moisturizing olive oil body wash. It smelled really good and was a good body wash. It was a nice change up from my usual Bath and Body Works.

StriVectin Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles- $65 for 1 fl oz

I haven't used this yet... and I don't exactly have wrinkles yet, but I've read some great reviews about it and hey, it can't hurt to start using it now to prevent wrinkles, right?

Supergoop CC Cream- $32
I'm afraid to try this since it's for light to medium skin... and I'm as pale as pale can be... so I'll probably try it this summer after I get a little bit of a tan. I don't really know what all the BB cream and CC cream buzz is about, but everyone is crazy about it these days, so there has to be something about it.

My box also came with a year-long subscription to Women's Health magazine which is a $9.99 value. I can choose to take a refund on the subscription and get $9.99 back which would make my whole Birchbox only cost me a penny. Pretty sweet deal.

Overall I wasn't overjoyed with my box... it had some cool items, but not things I really needed. Samples are great and all, but if it's not something I would probably would have bought anyway, then it's not really worth it. I had planned on cancelling after the first box, but forgot to do it, so I'll be getting a May box too. Hopefully that will be a little more impressive and I'll stick with it! 

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  1. I wouldn't have minded trying that body wash. This was my first month to get one too, and I thought it would be bigger. I actually loved the Macaroons, I really would have liked to try that body wash. I didn't get any:(


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