Friday, May 24, 2013

Our first Citrus Lane Box

I signed up for Citrus Lane* back in March and was really bummed when I found out that we wouldn't get our first box until May. However, it was so worth the wait! 

We got the 11 month box for Fynn:
First Look: We were excited! 

 Green Toys Stacker ($14.99): I had never heard of this brand before, but when I went to their website I discovered that it's an eco-friendly brand and that this toy was made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers which is really cool. When I told Drew this, his first response was "I hope they washed those containers first". 

 Dapple Travel Size Dish Liquid ($2.12): This stuff is supposed to easily remove milk, formula and baby food from containers. This is perfect because we're going to a wedding this weekend, so this is the perfect size soap to throw into our bags. 

Ella's Kitchen Apple and Ginger Baby Cookies ($4.25): These are healthy(er) baby cookies. I thought they tasted great, but Fynn doesn't love them. Zoey likes them though. I put one on the ottoman while I picked Fynn up, Zoey snagged it as she ran by and scarfed it down. 

Bear Takes a Trip ($6.99): We love books, so this was 
perfect for us. It's a sturdy board book with bright colors. Fynn's already enjoying "reading" it.

 Deep Steep Lavender and Chamomile Moisture Stick ($5.95): This smells amazing and is supposed to be more moisturizing than lotion which is great because I get super dry skin and hate slathering on lotion all the time. I love how this is a lot cleaner than lotion.

I'm really happy with this months Citrus Lane* box. I only spent $11 on this months box (usually it's $21) and the items we got totaled $34.30. A good deal either way, but a really good deal when you have $10 off. 

*This is an affiliate link, Want to save $10 on your first Citrus Lane box? If you click this and end up buying a Citrus Lane box, we both save $10!


  1. thats awesome, i hadn't heard of this...thanks for sharing

    Claudia @


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