Monday, May 6, 2013

Planning a first birthday pary

Ok, Mama readers... or crafty readers... or hey, any of you out there who have any half-decent ideas:


Fynn is going to be a year old in less than 2 months (cue panicked breathing into a paper bag). And I have NO ideas for her party.

No ideas for a theme

No ideas for what to do

No ideas about food

No ideas about decorations

No ideas. Period.

It's a blank. I keep scouring Pinterest, and coming up with ideas that would be amazing in the alternate universe in which I am 1)crafty or 2)wealthy. Since I am neither of these things, I need some help.

What do you do for a first birthday party? How do you make it special without going over the top for something they will never remember? Who do you invite (we're debating between having a big shingdig or just keeping it close friends/family)? What are some suggestions for a first birthday party? What things should we avoid at all costs?

Any and all suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated! With that in mind... I'll now go back to my regularly scheduled hyperventilation about my itty bitty baby being so close to a full year old. 


  1. For Kendall's first birthday we did a cupcake and ice cream theme, I loved it! I've been seeing cookies and milk parties and LOVE that idea!!! The first birthday was a bit over the top but I didn't care. We invited all of our family and the friends who have kids. I made her cake {hello money saver} and had my mom and MIL help with food {we did kid friendly things like sloppy joes and mac & cheese} which helps with cost. I think that no matter what it will be memorable!

  2. For my daughter's first birthday, we did it big because we knew we wouldn't do it again for a while. We rented space and invited everyone! We didn't really choose a theme persay. We made sure we had some pink 'one' decorations for her and we had a table with her photos from the year. We did deli meats, hot dogs, fruits and veggies and easy foods like that. We gave away rice crispy treats dipped in pink chocolate in the shape of the number one as favors. We brought a bunch of toys for the kids to play with if they got bored so parents weren't having to run after them all the time. I wish I would have been more crafty but it was nice anyway.

  3. I hate Pinterest for the reason that you feel you have to put on a picture perfect 1st birthday party. We like the previous commentor, we rented a local park building, ordered pizzas, rollups, salads, chips, drinks and cake for everyone. We had a pastel color theme, with pink, light green and baby blue decorations and balloons. It was definitely nothing pinterest worthy but we had a great time and that's all that matters.

  4. I think 1st birthdays are special so a memorable party is important. The good thing is you get to choose the theme (when they get older they have an opinion!). It doesn’t have to be over the top since it is for a baby…pinterest for me has been a good source of inspiration and I don’t feel like you have to look better than your inspiration, its just to pull ideas.

    Anyway good luck and keep us posted

    Claudia @

  5. Keep it simple with special touches. I always think close friends and family is the way to go. I recently did a birthday for my 3 year old and we had it at 9 am and did simple breakfast food. It was so simple to do the day before and didn't cost an arm and a leg. The menu I used is on my post "Fairy Birthday Party" on my blog. Anyway, found you through the Wednesday Wildcard Link up and am going to start following you via bloglovin' cause I gotta see what you come up with!
    Corey at


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