Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Standing for the first time.

Fynn's been pulling herself up on things and standing with support for a few weeks now. The past week though, she's been letting go of the things she was holding on to and wobbling for a few seconds at a time. Monday night, after her bath, she was playing with a bottle of lotion when she got in a low squatting position. Drew and I got really excited, but we didn't say anything. Just watched. Without (seemingly) much effort she just stood right up like she'd been doing it for ages. She picked up the bottle of lotion with her and just stood there (naked) for about 15 seconds before, rather gracefully, sinking back down to her bum.

Looks like it won't be long before she's running all over the place!


  1. That's exciting! My little guy is doing the same thing, pulling himself up and walking all around the furniture just fine but he hasn't stood by himself yet. I think it will be any day though :)
    She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans

  2. All of these little milestones are so exciting, arent they?!

  3. It's really cool that Fynn and Lily are doing a lot of the same things at the same times. Lily will do something and then I'll come read your blog and Fynn will be doing it too! Really neat - and it's pretty amazing that they figure a lot of it out on their own!


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