Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

As a teacher I get a lot of crap. People who know nothing about kids or education make the laws about how I should teach and how I should be evaluated. People who are jealous about my summers off and vacation time comment on how "easy" I have it. Or tell me I get paid all summer for not working (just to clarify, my summer pay is actually for during the school year. They withhold part of my pay each pay period and spread it out over the summer. So no, I don't get paid for doing nothing. thankyouverymuch).

Even with all that, I give my all to my students. As do almost every other teacher I know. This week is Teacher Appreciation week. We don't want your extravagant gifts, your flowers, your gift cards (though, not gonna lie... that's pretty sweet) we just want a little acknowledgement and appreciation all the work we do and for our dedication to educating the kids we're lucky enough to work with.

If you haven't already this week, tell your kids teacher, or your teacher, or your neighbor who is a teacher, how much you appreciate all that they do. Say thank you. Show them you care. It's often such a thankless job, but those rare moments when I get a sincere "thanks", makes it all worth it.

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  1. Nice reminder, I keep calling it Teacher Under-appreciated Week. I've never had so many pain in the butt parents that act like I am so awful in my life. All I want for TA week is maybe a day when I don't have to fuss because kids are arguing and not following directions. Give me quite and I am good to go.


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