Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

  • There are 31 schools days left. 31... I'm letting that sink in
  • I need to run more. I've only done it a few times in the last few weeks, and each  time I feel amazing... so why don't I do it more? Honestly... I'm just lazy... need to get unlazy
  • I put in a request for a personal day for the day after our big field trip... the trip is 10 hours long and I'll be unable to pump during that time (I'm already anticipating how pleasant that experience will be) so I figured taking the day after off will help get things back on track... I was totally TMI in my personal day request in the hopes that they would be too embarrassed to deny me the day... then they told me that would actually count as a medical day, which they CAN'T deny. Score! 
  • Drew's on this new recycling kick lately... any time I throw anything that could possibly be recycled (and by possibly I mean probably shouldn't) he yells out that I can be recycled... sometimes he does this when he's in the other room, and couldn't possibly see what I'm throwing away... it's likes he has recyclable ESP or something
  • In the last month Fynn has gone from taking 12-16 ounces of breastmilk at daycare a day, to 8-10... what's up with this? I know it's the start of weaning and she's getting more solids... but this seems like a drastic drop.
  • Speaking of bottles. When she first started taking less, we tried to figure out why she'd be less interested in bottles all of a sudden. Then Drew realized that we still have the newborn size nipples on them... and she's almost 10 months. It's probably frustrating as hell for her to try to drink a bottle. We thought about trying to get some new (larger) ones, but then realized that we probably want to end bottle use around a year... no use in getting new nipples now just to try to wean her off of them in two months or so... instead we're going to start giving her milk in sippy cups more since she loves those


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  2. I am cracking up about the personal day!!! Sounds like it worked!!!!!

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