Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Jennifer again for Thursday Thoughts:

  • I'm home today. After a L-O-N-G field trip with my class yesterday, I took a medical day today to make up for the fact that I had to go 10+ hours without nursing or pumping yesterday. Can you say ouch? Cause I did.
  • I also said ouch yesterday because I was stupid enough to think that climbing the Bunker Hill monument in Boston. All 294 steps of it. Brilliant move Amanda. I could barely move afterward, and my quads are killing me today.
Doesn't she looks so old?
  • Fynn suddenly seems so much older. Her face has thinned way out and she just looks like such a toddler now... she's not my bitty baby any more. It's both exciting, because she's growing and learning so much, and sad, because I miss my teeny tiny baby. 
  • How cute his Drew and his baby? I love watching the two of them together and seeing how much they love each other. Boo is obsessed with her Daddy and lights up when she sees him. I'm shocked that I'm not jealous, but their relationship just melts me so much that I can't do anything but love watching them together

  • There are 14 days left of school. 14. Where did this year go? I'm excited, because it means summer vacation will start and I get to spend a lot of time with Boo this summer... but it's also a little sad. I LOVE my class this year. Love them. They are bright, caring, and enthusiastic learners who I love working with every day... I'm really going to miss them. 
  • Fynn started swim lessons two weeks ago. Oh-my-the cuteness. It's so much fun being in the pool with her. I need to steal the pix off Drew's phone so I can do a post on it soon!


  1. She DOES look older! But still oh so cute.

    Sooo... I should really be emailing you about this but I'm too lazy. I was wondering if I could have my swap ad space back? lol! I updated yours but never thought to update mine on your blog.

  2. I love watching Dad's with their kids. Sometimes the dad's do hilarious things and other times they are just super cute together.

    Stopping by from the link up.


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