Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

  • Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post... it was really hard for me to write about my anxiety and I truly appreciated the kind words and support I got.
  • Drew discovered the other day, after a co-worker informed him of it, that we're going to be 17 this September... he apparently thought that we are 25... sorry hun, we're going to be 27 this year. He claims this throws a wrench in his "retire by 30" plan... pretty sure that plan was doomed from the beginning.
  • I made the mistake of updating my iPhone last Friday night. When it was done updating it told me it needed to do a factory restore. At which time I cried. And desperatly tried to figure out a way to fix it. After an hour googling and more tears I discovered the only way to get my phone to work again was to restore it... so I did, while still crying
  • Luckily I had apparently backed up my phone in the process of messing with it earlier that night. So I only lost one or two things... officially never updating my phone again!
  • Drew's truck broke down a week ago. He assured me that it was "just a broken belt". No big deal... yeah except it ended up being almost $700 to get that bad boy up and running again. 1-ton diesel trucks? Not only suck when it comes to fuel, but they suck when it comes to getting work done... even an oil change on that sucker is way more expensive and can only be done at certain places because most car places can't lift a truck that big. Leave it to Drew. 

His pickup is almost bigger than the tow truck! I'm shocked that it could even be towed

  • A student commented the other day that I say "Thus" a lot. Now every time I say it she gives me this look... and I've noticed that I do say it... multiple times a day.

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