Saturday, May 11, 2013

Touching Grass

I came to the startling realization the other day that Fynn had never touched grass before. Last summer she was so little that when we went outside, she was being held or in a stroller/carrier or on a blanket. Then it was winter in Maine... which means we didn't see the grass for 7 months. But now the snow has melted. So Fynn and I headed outside to sit on the grass and explore.

At first she just sat there. But then she moved her hand around and touched the grass.

Yeah... I'm not sure she was really feeling it. She was making this face almost the whole time, and she kept leaning forward like she was going to crawl, but then her hand would touch the grass and she would pull it away quickly like it was going to bite her. Too funny, and too cute. 

I guess we need a few more experiences with the great outdoors.

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  1. She'll love it love being outside!

    Claudia @


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