Friday, May 10, 2013

We've got Mama... And uh-oh

This spoon hit the ground soon after...
and was followed by an "uh oh"
On Sunday Fynn said Mama for the first time! She was annoyed with me because I was snuggling with Zoey, and apparently that wasn't cool in her book. She said it later that day when I walked into the bathroom when she was crawling after me. So far she's only ever said Mama when she's upset with me... Not the best start, but she's finally saying it, and she clearly knows what it means.

Her other new favorite word is uh-oh... I didn't think we said it that much, but the past couple of days, whenever she drops or throws something, she says it. Every time it's clear as day, so I know she's not just making sounds.


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  2. Aww! Isn't hearing mama the best?!

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