Friday, May 17, 2013


I don't understand the whole concept of weeds. How are some plants classified as weeds while others are plants or flowers? 

Dandelions for instance. I think they're pretty. They're a fun, bright yellow that just screams summer to me... yet to many (Drew included) they are the bane of the summer months and significant effort is spent every spring/summer killing them off. WHY? Why waste the energy? Why can't we all just decide that dandelions are the new grass and let them be? The obsession with getting rid of them is a concept that eludes me.

I understand getting rid of plants (aka "weeds") that are killing other plants... but I don't see the harm in a bunch of dandelions in the yard. Maybe I'm missing something? Is there something about weeds that I just don't know about? Someone, please, enlighten me! 

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