Monday, June 10, 2013

11 Months

My little baby is really not a baby anymore. Here's an update about what Boo has been doing this past month.

  • Saying all kinds of things: Mama, Dada, yeah, no, and uh-oh. I think you signed milk to me the other day, but maybe you were just playing with your hand. 
  • Wave good bye
  • Tease- you love to hold something out to us, then quickly pull it away when we go to take it. You grin and giggle like it's the funniest joke in the world
  • You FINALLY got your first tooth. Thank goodness because the whole teething thing without actually getting any teeth was really obnoxious. 
  • Beat up the dog. You love to hug her a little too tight, or to grab her foot and pull her off the back of the couch. Or crawl on top of her. I think you're just trying to play with her, but as she's less than half your size I feel bad for the poor pup

  • Clap your hands. It melts my heart every time you do it, so stinking cute
  • Still get up once a night. Usually around 3 am. We're working on getting you to sleep through the night, but you're not really having it. You're kinda stubborn like that (I have NO idea where you would get that trait from) You had one night where you actually slept through the night... it was amazing. Could you please do that again? Like every night
  • Blow kisses. It's so cute, you bop your hand back and forth over your open mouth 
  • You also give big, slimy, open mouthed kisses. It's so sweet... and so disgusting. 

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