Monday, June 24, 2013

A Beautiful Ruckus & A Giveaway

Today I have the lovely Rebecca from A Beautiful Ruckus guest posting about life with quadruplets... an idea that blows me away. While I'm feeling overwhelmed by one baby, this woman has rocked it out with four! She's also awesome enough to be hosting a giveaway for a Target giftcard, so make sure you enter below! Over on her blog, Rebecca's also hosting a giveaway for THREE items from Thirty-One, you should probably go enter, I did! 

“Ellie, please get down. You are going to hurt yourself.” I looked at my daughter perched on the folding chair as one of her siblings was attempting to scramble up behind her.

“I’m stuck!” my little two-year-old responded.

“Elizabeth, you are not stuck. You need to get down right now before the chair folds on you.”

And with that, her brother reached up, snagged the back of her shirt and “helped” her down.
I imagine that this type of conversation is probably very familiar to most moms. It seems one of the primary duties of a mom is to pull their kids out of scrapes before they harm themselves too much.

In my case, I do it all day, every day. I’m a stay-at-home mom….to quadruplets.

Yep, my situation is a little different than most. My husband and I found ourselves expecting quadruplets in 2010 and welcomed them early the following year. Out of necessity, I became a stay-at-home mom because daycare for four was way more than what I was making in my career.

However, that ended up being a dream come true! I love being a stay-at-home mom! Sometimes I miss having an excuse to “dress up” for work, or wish I still had a title to throw out when people ask me what I do, but by far and large, I’m happy and proud to say that I’m a mom.

Let’s face it though: It’s not an easy job. It involves constantly wiping poop, sweeping away tears from the faces of offended siblings, and trying to find yet another way to cook chicken without boring the taste buds too much. My four two-year-olds rarely look at me and thank me for remembering to put miralax in their morning milk, or for tucking them into bed for the zillionth time as I try to get them to nap. But I do get countless hugs, smiles, and snuggles!

Asking my daughter to get off of the folding chair before she folded herself into it was hardly the biggest issue I had to deal with that day…and yet, it made an impression on me. Maybe it was because she looked so cute and confident sitting the wrong way in the chair, maybe it was because her brother (only two minutes older than her!) wanted to help her obey, maybe it was because at one point we didn’t know if she would be able to walk….or maybe it was because I was blessed enough to get to have a conversation with her after trying so long to have children in the first place.
Regardless, I wouldn’t trade my quad mommy-hood for anything!

I’d love to have you come over and visit me in my neck of the internet woods! I’ve been writing about raising quadruplets since we found out that they were on the way. It’s a crazy, wild ride that we’d love to share with you!

And now for the giveaway! Enter below using Rafflecopter. A winner will be chosen July 8th and notified via E-mail. 

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