Monday, June 3, 2013

Drew's Fixation

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Trade Motorcycles.

As long as I've known Drew, he's been obsessed with motorcycles for sale. He loves to scour the internet, fliers, and parking lots for bikes. He loves looking at them, dreaming about them, and coming up with schemes about how he can afford one or at least how he can convince me that he really does need one. He had a dirt bike when he was a teenager, but since then hasn't been able to pull the trigger when it comes to actually buying a motorcycle. 

About two years ago, his obsession with bike sales hit an all time high, and I was convinced he was really going to by one. In fact he even found one online that he was convinced was it. Got the money out of the bank and went to meet the guy. Luckily, he ended up having second thoughts and didn't end up buying it. I wasn't opposed per say .. but I just didn't really see the point. It's a lot of money for something he can only ride 3 months of the year here in Maine. I think motorcycles are pretty cool, and probably a lot of fun to ride (I've never actually ridden on one), but the thought of going that fast with nothing surrounding you to protect you in a crash, does scare me. With the addition of Fynn, I don't think a bike is anywhere in our near future... but I don't think that will stop Drew from looking. 

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