Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Citrus Lane Box

I actually forgot about Citrus Lane this month. I guess I wasn't paying attention to my e-mail? It came one night when I was putting Fynn to bed, so she didn't get to see things when I opened them (yes, I know, I could have been a good mom and waited until the next morning to open it. Key word: could)

Then, when I tried to take pictures of things, I discovered my phone is out of storage space. Bummer. So I took the pictures on the actual camera which is soooo much more work. It involves actually getting a cord and connecting it to the computer. Old school.

I love how nicely packaged it comes.

Looks good!

The info card. Not that it really needs it, because all the items are pretty self-explanatory, but I like that they include it anyways. 

Sun Protection Hat from iPlay-$15                          I love this cute little hat. Perfect for a girl without being all frilly and over the top. Drew and I were just saying how we needed a new hat for her, especially one with ties so she can't pull it off as easily.

Water Toy by Haba~$5 (I couldn't find just this toy, but a set that include this toy is $27 for 6 toys)
This is a cute little watering can. I know Fynn will love it because she loves anything water and playing in water. This will be perfect in her little pink blow-up pool that my in-laws got her!

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen- $8.33
We can always use more sunscreen. It's not a huge bottle of it which is actually good because it's a good size to throw in the diaper or beach bag. 

Happy Tot Plus: Blueberry, apple and purple carrot- $1.99
Fynn usually loves pouch foods, so I have a feeling this one will be a hit. 

This months box had an overall value of $30.32. Still a deal since it only costs $25, but it's not one of those amazing value boxes. Still, everything in it is something we will actually use, so I continue to be happy with Citrus Lane. Want to try out Citrus Lane? If you click here and sign up using my link, we both save $10.

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  1. what a fun box! that little hat is too cute!


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