Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lawn Care

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Like everything else, I worry about all the chemicals and pesticides that Fynn is exposed to. We don't use a ton of products on our lawn, but we do sometimes use fertilizers and this year we've used a product to kill bugs and ticks since we're having tick issues around here (wait until you see my post about the ticks lately... nasty!). Anyway, it's got me thinking about what's in all those products and just how safe they are for the baby and dog to be around.

Obviously we don't let them on the grass right after application, or even for a few days. We wait until it's rained and (in theory) the chemicals have gone into the ground to do their thing. But that doesn't mean there's no residue. Or that it's in any way safe. Which makes me think about looking into something more organic, like the products used TruNatural Organic Lawn Care service. Finding more natural products that still get the job done needs to be more of a priority now that we have a kid. Babies get into everything, grass and dirt included, so it doesn't seem like the best idea to put a ton of stuff down on our lawn without at least considering what's in it. 

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