Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Fynn and Zoey have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes they love to play together and be silly. Fynn squeals with delight when they play tug of war, and she's the only person Zoey will actually fetch and return a ball to. Zoey kisses her like crazy and they both get really excited to see each other.

But sometimes things get messy. Fynn doesn't quite know her own strength. She pulls on Zoey's leg and ends up hauling her off the back of the couch. Fynn will hug Zoey and it looks like she's squeezing the life out of her. Zoey handles most of it well, usually she lets Fynn beat on her for a bit and then runs away to escape... but every now and then, Zoey has enough. She'll snap at Fynn or grumble at her. I don't believe she'd ever actually bite Fynn, I think she's just warning her that she's gone too far... but it's a little unnerving, and I end up scolding Zoey each time she does it. I'm hoping that Fynn will soon learn how to play with Zoey without potentially hurting her... until then, Drew and I just have to do our best to keep the play nice, and avoid the mild violence. 

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