Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Planning for a party

Fynn's birthday party is this weekend. Eeek! There is sooo much to do before her party (and here I am blogging rather then working on party stuff. Typical Amanda.)

We have had a bunch of projects we've been working on to get ready for the party. The biggest one being the deck. Drew took apart the old deck and has been busy building a new one. 

Other then that there are a lot of little things we wanted to get done to make the house look nice for the party. Cleaning, organizing, putting up some trim that should have been put up 4 years ago when we moved in. 

I have some ideas for some party things and decorations that I need to get moving on, but I'm not letting it be a major stressful thing. We're sticking with simple and fun. I'm sure I'll have a ton of pictures to post after the party, especially of Fynn's first time eating cake! 


  1. Oh yay! Partys are so much fun! I hope you're totally enjoying the planning process. :-)

  2. Wow, it's hard to believe it's birthday time already. I hope you are having a great time planning the party. Do you have a wonderful cake picked out?


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