Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sick Baby

Fynn's for real sick for the first time in her life. Poor kid has a double ear infection AND bronchialitis! 

Shockingly, if you hang out with her, you would never know she was sick.

She had a funky cough for almost a week, but we thought it was from teething. Right before her first (and right now only) tooth came in, she had almost the same cough for about two weeks. She felt warm a couple of times, but each time we took her temperature it was normal. Then one day in the bath tub she started shaking her head and I just had this gut feeling. That night she was a mess all night long. Not sleeping, clearly feeling crummy, so Drew and I decided she needed to go to the doctors. 

It was the last day of school, so I couldn't call out sick. I went in that morning, called the doctors and got her an appointment. When I called Drew with the appointment, he said that she seemed fine and we debated back and forth about whether she really needed to go to the doctors or if it was just teething as we had thought before. I wavered, and thought about it, but something in my gut just told me she was sick, so I stuck with that feeling.

I'm so glad I went with that feeling, I felt bad that she had both the ear infections and lung infection as it was, how much worse would I have felt if we had waited to go in?

She ended up on an antibiotic for the ear infections and a nebulizer treatment to help her coughing. Have you ever tried to get a baby to take both of those? Yeah, it's fun. We're currently on day 5 of 10 of the antibiotic. I think she's ended up with 1/2 to 3/4 of the meds actually being ingested. She is VERY stubborn and opinionated (no idea where she got those traits from!) The first night she literally sucked it down, but since then she fights it and spits it back at us. We've tried every trick we can think of or find on Google, and nothing works (seriously, everything). Then there's the neb treatment. She likes it for the first 30 seconds or so, and then she squirms and fights and cries. Ugh, it's exhausting and I feel so bad because she thinks we're torturing her because she can't understand that it's going to help her feel bad. 

Despite being sick, she's still her usual happy self which makes dealing with it easier, but I'll be relieved when we're done with these meds!


  1. Oh, feel better Fynn! With the nebulizer treatment.... is there a TV show she likes to watch, or do you have a DVD of funny cats or dogs or something similar? I know she's tiny for TV, but it kept my daughter occupied long enough to sit for the treatment at that age. It's so hard when they want to be up exploring the world!

  2. Poor baby! I hope she get's over this quickly.


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