Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Social

1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?
When people stop completely before turning. Drives me batty. That or when they slow way, way down like a mile before they turn. Or when they drive reeeeeeeeeeally slowly. Or don't use directionals. Or when they leave their directionals on long after they've turned. Clearly I have a lot of driving pet peeves.

2. Biggest Blogging pet peeve?
When people comment or send you a message saying "love your blog, come check out mine at (insert URL here). Yup, clearly your comment was not sincere, you're just trolling for more followers. On principle I never check out their blog when they do that. 

3. Biggest general pet peeve?
When people make everything into a competition. I see this a ton now that I have Fynn. Everyone wants to compare what she can do compared to their kid, or brag about how smart their kid is. I get it, they're clearly jealous of how awesome my kid is. But seriously, I hate when you're having a conversation with someone and they feel the need to one-up everything you say.

4. What is your most irrational fear?

Being murdered in my sleep. I don't exactly live in a high crime area (hello, it's Maine) but for some reason I'm convinced that something will happen. I'm not as paranoid as I used to be... but I'm still scared. 

5. 3 celebrities you’d want to have dinner with?

No real reason for these three choices :)  

Ian Somerhalder
Bradley Cooper
Channing Tatum


  1. Honestly, I can definitely sympathize ALL of your 'peeves'! (I guess that's how you would put it? Anyway, I would also love to have dinner with your picks ;) They are just too gorgeous haha! I found you through the Sunday Social friend! I truly enjoyed reading =)

  2. mmmmm vampire diaries! Yes please. I read the books as a teenager. Much better than Twilight. I wish that the Secret Circle hadn't been canceled (they could have done a better job with it though). My husband lived in Maine as a teenager (in Presque Isle). He wants to move back, but I told him Central New York is as cold as I go!! Found you through the link up, I am @momsgotmail. I don't think my google account (what I am commented from, shows that). I like the design of your website.

  3. I'm wondering if it is safe to drive on the same road as you. I hope you don't have road rage to go along with all those peeves. LOL I'm just kidding; I think I share all of them with you.

  4. Totally agree with #2! Even more annoying is when you know they did not read your whole post and say something that doesn't even make sense! No visit or follow from me lol

    Cooper & Tatum oh yes yum ;)


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