Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I should feel bad about, but don't

I felt it was time for another round of things I probably should feel bad about, but don't. Here goes:

I didn't go all out for Fynn's first birthday- I thought about it. Pinned a bajillion ideas and dreamed about that perfect party... and then I remember who I am, and that I don't do crap like that. So today is Fynn's party. It's low-key. Focused on the birthday girl and having fun with friends and family. 

I love trashy tv- Keeping up with the Kardashians, Don't be Tardy, Real Housewives, Teen Mom 2, etc... Shows that have no plot, fake people and a bunch of bs... and I can't get enough.

I also love tv shows clearly aimed at teens- Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth, Bunheads, yup, I watch them all.

I kinda like being stinky- Those days when I haven't taken the time to shower or get dressed? Yeah, I like it. 

I usually schedule a bunch of posts all at once- Long gone are the days where I could sit down and blog about what was on my mind on a whim. Now I use nap time and late nights to write out blog posts for the next couple of days. I hate that doing so make my blog less spontaneous and in the moment, but it's all I've got. This post? I wrote on Wednesday during nap time.

I hardcore censor myself here on the blog- I'm as honest and open as I can be, but we've all seen those news stories about teachers who were fired for their blogs... a girl's got to be careful. So while there are thing, thoughts and ideas that I would love to share... my love of a paycheck is a little bit stronger.


  1. Not gonna lie... I think it is cool you didn't go all out for a first birthday. Granted, I don't have kids yet, but I don't understand when people completely go all out and spend tons of money on a kid's first birthday because....they won't remember it anyway! And they don't even understand half the stuff that's going on. Kids at that age usually like to play with the boxes the toys come in, instead of the toys themselves... you know? lol

  2. Stopping by from Wildcard Wednesday.

    The censorship has gotten crazy. Things you can say in a bar to a group of strangers you can't say in your own blog to a group of strangers. I guess that's why it's freedom of speech, not freedom of type. (Joking.)


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