Saturday, July 6, 2013

Creating Your Website

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One of the biggest decisions that go along with creating a website is figuring out how to design a website that fits you and your site. How much control do you want over your site? Some website owners stick with templates and premade websites, but others want to be able to make their own designs and further customize their site to precisely match what they're looking for and grow their name.

There are a lot of pieces that go into learning how to make a website. Everything from hosting decisions to color schemes involve a lot of thought and work. Personally, since I'm not an expert in coding and the technical aspects of website, I look for sites and programs that take out a lot of that guess work and can help me get where I want to be with a lot fewer headaches. I personally found it a lot easier to pay for a personal domain name without the .blogspot attachment because I felt it made my site look a little more professional and easier for potential readers to find. I also found it valuable to pay a designer to create a customized look for me. While I loved my old template, I felt that it looked like too many other blogs, and I wanted something that stood out a little bit more. 

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