Monday, July 15, 2013

First Trip to the Children's Museum

We have a great children's museum near us, and although Fynn is a little young for a lot of the attractions, we still thought it would be a lot of fun to take her. Two days after our beach trip, we headed into the city to explore. 

Obviously she had the most fun in the toddler section. This place was made for her. Padded everything (omg, where I need a room like this!) things to explore. A ball that gets blown around by some air thingy. She was in heaven. This girl crawled around everywhere, explored and had a blast discovering things. Pretty sure she could have spent the whole day in there.

Alas, Mommy and Daddy got bored, so we set out to explore other areas of the museum. She thought the fire truck was pretty impressive. Enjoyed throwing things off the shelves at the pretend grocery store. She (of course) loved the water attractions and was pretty upset with me that I wouldn't let her crawl right into the water completely. She was pretty intrigued by the "gravity and motion" room. They had different style ramps that you could roll balls down. She stood there and watched that for about 20 minutes and was enthralled.

It was a great trip, and a lot of fun. She was able to do and enjoy more of the museum then I had anticipated. I know as she gets older it will just be more and more fun for her. 

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