Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday, "hump day" and I'm linking up to say "so what?"
So What Wednesday

  • If I'm liking my summer job mostly because it's only 4 days a week for half days... oh yeah, and it only runs for 4 weeks :)
  • If I kinda like it when Drew's busy on a "project" because it means I get uninterrupted time at night to work on the blog and not feel guilty that I'm ignoring him or hogging the computer. (FYI the current one is non-commercial lobstering. Not kidding. He recently got his license and bought traps and all the other stuff he needs to lobster).
  • If I was all excited about watching Lost... until I got to season 5, where it just got weird. Sadly, I couldn't just stop watching at this point since I was invested in the characters. So, I'm continuing to watch even though I'm not really enjoying it as much anymore.
  • If my organizational system for blog stuff kinda sucks. Currently it's a blank calendar with note scribbled everywhere and the notepad on my iPad. Clearly it's not working very well, but I can't figure out another method that I like
  • If I'm obsessed with Big Brother. I greatly dislike several of the people on it, but I love, love, love this show and all the drama that goes along with it
  • If I've spent forever this week working on my new blog series... and I'm really scared it's going to be a flop.

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