Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Social

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mac & Cheese! Yummy. Not the boxed kind, though I eat plenty of that. If it was all I could eat for the rest of my life, it would have to be one of those really good, homemade(obviously not at my home) mac & cheese dishes... perhaps with some bacon or chicken in it... and now I'm hungry. 

2. What’s your guilty pleasure/comfort food?

Anything with carbs and/or cheese. Mac & cheese, any kind of potato, bread and oil. I love me some carbs... which explains so much about my inability to stick to a diet.

3. What’s the weirdest/craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I'm pretty chicken about trying weird foods, so I can't think of anything weird or crazy I've eaten. I used to be a super, SUPER picky eater, but Drew has cured me of some of that so I'm just a picky eater these days. 

4. What foods do you avoid at all costs?

Anything with squishies in it. What are squishies? You may be rightfully asking. Well, squishies are those little veggie bits like tomatoes, peppers or onions that have that squishy texture. No bueno! If the food has a lot of squishies in it, I just wont eat it, if it just has a few, or is too good looking otherwise for me not to eat it, then I will pick them all out. Which sometimes takes awhile, but worth it to avoid that nastiness.

5. What meal reminds you of your childhood?

Any grilled meal that is burned reminds me of my childhood. My dad always cooked everything "really well done" on the grill... and I actually kind of like it that way. These days if there's a burned burger or chicken, I immediately feel like a kid again. Especially if that burnt meal comes with mashed potatoes made from a box of flakes. You know, the real thing. 

6. Share one of your favorite recipes and the story behind it.

Taken right from their website:

Here's the story: I don't cook. Sure I can make a mean box of mac & cheese or rice... but if it doesn't come in a box... I will probably mess it up. Thus, chicken nuggets are my favorite recipe!


  1. I'm a carbaholic too. Mac and cheese is my downfall!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  2. Stopping over from Sunday Social :) I also am not a real cook but I LOVE mac and cheese- especially when it's baked. Amaziiiiing!

  3. It's seems like everyone is a carboholic! Me too! lol New follower from the Sunday Social. If you get a chance stop on over and say hi!

  4. I do love Mac N Cheese. I tend to not keep any in my place or I will eat it non stop! LOL

    New follower!

  5. Yum! Mac and cheese is amazing! My mom made the baked kind from scratch.

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  6. I like your honesty about "not cooking"! My family can't believe that I don't cook! They keep trying to convince me that it's "easy" or something, while I routinely burn coffee in the microwave when reheating it the next morning! HA!

    Stopping over from Sunday Social!


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