Monday, July 1, 2013

The Tick Museum

Clearly the ticks are bad in Maine this summer. We've found several on the dog, ourselves, and even one on the baby's head. Let me tell you, THAT one freaked me out. It had clearly come off the dog and was just getting onto her head when I found it, but seeing a tick crawling on your baby's head? Not cool. So not cool that, even though ticks scare the ever-living bageebis (real word, I promise) out of me, I picked it off of her with my bare hand. Mom of the year- right here! 

I don't know where we heard this, or if it's just common knowledge, but we know that you're supposed to keep a tick for awhile after taking it off in case you get sick or something. For some reason we also think you need to put the ticks in alcohol. Again, I don't know where we get this "knowledge" from. However, we didn't have any rubbing alcohol, so we figured vodka would have to do. 

Thus, our Tick Museum, filled with ticks who are completely wasted:

You're welcome

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  1. Love it the museum. I'd be ticked if I found one on Lily (no pun intended). We never had them bad in Vermont until last year. The first few years I lived out here I would walk Chloe through the woods all the time and not get any ticks. Last year that changed and she got a few. This year I got one. Still not nearly as bad as Maine. If I take Chloe to Mom and Dads she gets covered in them.


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