Friday, July 19, 2013

Things I should feel bad about, but don't

It's Friday, so I felt it was a good time to list some things that I should feel bad about, but don't

Lately, when I'm not working, I usually have no idea when the last time I showered was. Yeah, that makes me icky. If I'm not going anywhere, and don't feel gross, I usually just skip showering for the day. The only problem with that is when I suddenly realize I have no idea if it's been two days since my last shower or three...possibly four. I figure since I'm not going anywhere important (no, the grocery store doesn't count) then no one really has to smell me, so I'm good.

I can't keep track of what day of the week it is during the summer. It's easier this week because I'm working Monday through Thursday, so I'm pretty good on those days. But Friday through Sunday? I have no freaking idea. Good thing Drew always complains Sunday nights that he doesn't want to work the next day. Otherwise I'd probably forget to show up on Monday mornings. 

I like to tell Drew exactly what I want for gifts. Not that I don't trust him to get me something good, I do. He's actually a really good gift giver. But there's almost always one special things I really want. Like for my birthday. I know it's not until September 3rd. But I really want an iPhone 5... I've mentioned it to him a couple of times... but I figured it couldn't hurt to include it here... you know, just as a reminder :) 

It took me about three months to figure out why the screen on my iPhone seemed so dim. Half of you reading this are probably thinking "check the brighness under settings" um, thanks, where the hell have you been these past couple of months when I've been trying to figure out why the screen is dying on me. Blonde Moment Several Months 

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