Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

  • Hi, my name's Amanda... I'm the worst mom in the world. Poor Fynnie-Boo fell down several stairs on Monday. She was fine aside for some bumps and bruises, including a prominent forehead one that has earned her the nickname of my baby unicorn, but I digress. I've been beating myself up about it since it happened. It was totally my fault, I was stupid, and my poor little baby paid the price. Talk about a mom fail.
  • In other news, about an hour after Fynn's fall, we had a playdate. Fynn desperately wanted to hug E... E wanted nothing to do with the hugging. So Fynn followed her around and kept on hugging her. Over, and over. Girl's nothing if not persistent. E's mom and I were cracking up though. Too funny.
  • Sooo... I never thought I would say this, but the highlight of my week is that I got new running sneakers the other day. Loves them. Not that it makes the actual running piece any easier, but at least my feet feel comfy and look cute while I'm running. That counts for something, right? 
  • All of a sudden Fynn is getting teeth. It took 10 months for the first one to come in, and now she's gotten two more in that last two weeks. What gives? While I'm glad she's finally growing some chompers, I'm less then impressed with her sleep habits while teething. She's a crappy sleeper as it is, but teething brings on a whole new element.
  • I only have 5 weeks left until school starts again. FIVE?!!?! How did that happen, how does the summer manage to go by faster and faster every year? Blows my mind. 

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  1. Don't beat yourself up! THings happen!!!

    How many teeth does F have now? WB has 4. Really 3.5. And he's 15 months. Cracks me up that he has so few.


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