Saturday, August 24, 2013

Couch 2 5K. Weeks 3-6

Remember back at the end of June when I started the C25K running plan? I was awesome. Running three times a week, feeling good. And then the ish hit the fan.

I was awesome with week three, then week four came along it it was hella hot. The only thing this girl does in 90 degree weather is sit in A) air conditioning or B) the pool. That's it. I sweat like crazy when running anyway, no way was I adding in heat and humidity. Yuck. Combine that with Fynn's first birthday, and I was a crappy runner for about two weeks. I ran like once a week, and they were not great runs.

But then I got my but back in gear. I've been really good the last three weeks and running consistently three days a week. I just finished week 6 and I'm running about 3 miles each time I go out. It doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it's huge for me.

Here's my thing. I love how I feel after I run. I love how I currently weigh what I weighed my freshman year of college (before I gained the infamous freshman 15). I love that my clothes fit better than they have for awhile... but really? I hate running. The entire time I run I'm counting down the minutes, distracting myself by counting how many steps I'm taking. I play little games like counting trees, sing in my head... sometimes I even text or play on my phone, anything to avoid thinking about what I'm doing at the moment.

Logically I know that I should probably find a form of exercise that doesn't make me curse myself and wish I had just stayed home on the couch. My only problem is that this is actually the most convient form of exercise for me right now. I can run after Fynn's in bed. I don't have to pay a gym fee or find time to go to the gym. I don't have to worry about being late for class or any of that other junk that goes along with some other forms of exercise.

Above all, I actually feel good about being able to run like this. I'm getting better at it. I'm able to go further, feel better and I no longer feel like I'm being stabbed in the chest when I finish up a run. I also really like the C25K app on my phone because it gives me the motivation and encouragement I need to stick to it. It also increases gradually, which has been helpful because I tend to be the type that pushes myself too hard too fast.

So here's to me keeping it up. Those of you who have done the C25K, does it get easier when you get to the second half? Anyone have any good (free) workout videos/apps to suggest to mix it up a bit?

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  1. Go on YouTube and check out the free Jillian Michaels workouts. I use them as cross-training for my half, and even level one will leave you sore. I really like the "Ripped in 30," "30 Day Shred," and "Six Week Six Pack."


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