Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lost in Translation

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I remember in high school I was always using BabbleFish  or Google Translate to help me with my French homework (no, I wasn't cheating, just checking to see if I was doing things right!) except it didn't really help me. The problem with programs like that is that there isn't a real person doing the translations. It’s an automatic program that translates literally… except language isn't like that! There are subtleties and nuances of language that an automated program can’t take into account.

I remember one time when I was trying to write about being excited about an upcoming dance recital for a homework assignment. I stupidly trusted the online translation and just wrote down the words it gave me… and then I looked like an idiot because apparently I had instead mildly insulted myself… Oops! I felt like an idiot there and had to explain how I had used the online translation instead of doing it myself. Not exactly the impression I wanted my teacher to have of me. That’s why it’s important to use a translation service if what you’re translating really matters. 

Obviously checking my high school French homework wasn't critical… well, except for my grade, but if you’re doing something important where grammar counts in your translation, then it’s essential to get a quality translation. These days it seems like just about every business has become international thanks to the good old internet. With that type of growth comes interactions with other cultures and languages… and you don’t want to inadvertently be insulting potential clients with your inaccurate translation! 

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