Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm tired of asking you to quiet down!

Disclaimer: I received this product as a gift in
 exchange for my review. All opinions are 
100% honest and all mine.

Obviously, I'm not a quiet person. That's a given. However, I do sometimes expect my students to be somewhat quiet. I'm not talking silent (although I do occasionally make them silent) I'm talking I just want to be able to hear myself think... so I feel like I'm always telling them to quiet down. It gets old. Real old.

Luckily for me, I got this in the mail the other day:

Yeah, I know what you're thinking... what on Earth???? Let me backtrack. A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a woman at Smilemakers. A brand I had never heard of. Before I e-mailed her back I clicked on the line. And I was in teacher heaven. Everything a teacher could need? On that site. Of course I e-mailed her back saying I would be thrilled to receive a product sample in exchange for my honest opinions. 

I chose the Deluxe Yakker Tracker ... and waited rather impatiently for it to get here. The second the UPS man was headed back to his truck, I tore into the box.

Not going to lie, Drew laughed at me. But seriously? This things is genius. It monitors the noise level in the room. When the noise level is good, the light stays on green. When the level gets too high (and you can customize what decibel is considered "too high") it changes to the flashing yellow light. Get louder then that? An alarm goes off and it flashes red. Drew and I had soooo much fun playing with it and seeing how loud you had to be to set the alarm off (can you see why I teach 11 year olds?)

Bonus? Instead of a siren telling your kids it's too loud, you can have a voice tell them to quiet down in German, which just sounds intimidating. It has other languages too, but the German is my favorite. 

While my lovely Yakker Tracker is amazing... it's not even the start of all the cool stuff they have on their site. Everything from organizational bins to teaching materials. Not a teacher? They also have great items for parents, doctors, dentists, business... really anyone who wants something fun! I've already filled my virtual shopping cart with some must haves for my classroom this fall. 


  1. I think this is cute, and it looks like a super fun addition to the classroom. The price is a bit high, though. Nevertheless, I put it on my wish list. Maybe for Christmas I can talk my students into Visa gift cards instead of more mugs. ;-)

  2. Classroom? Please! I'd love to put this in my office to quiet down my co-workers when they start getting to loud.

    Or at the dinner table when my dad starts ranting about politics. What I wouldn't give to see his face when it yells at him in German to quiet down!

    The possibilities are endless!


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