Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

  • I noticed the other day that whenever I blog or write about Fynn, I refer to her as Fynn... but in real life, I hardly ever call her that. I always introduce her to people as Fynnleigh, and when I'm talking to her I either call her Fynnleigh, Fynnie, Boo, baby, or Bonchito (which is her current nickname of the moment). I wonder why I do this... anyone else notice that they use different forms of their kids name in different situations?
  • Speaking of that kid (since I speak about her all the time), she was napping in the car the other day, like this:

       How do you sleep like that? How do you keep a hold of your foot once              you're asleep? I don't get it. 
  • I'm heading to the library today to get some good books to read these last two weeks of summer vacation. I've got some ideas based on books I've seen other bloggers write about, but I'm looking for some other ideas. Any suggestions? I love just about any genre, but I'm not looking for anything too deep right now, just some fun reads to end the summer on a high note. 


  1. It's funny cuz I was thinking how I call Cruze "Bambino" or "bambi" for short only when it's just us two. I barely even do it around my husband but when we're out and about, that's often what I call him.

    That pic of her sleeping.... so cute! Oh, the little things they do

  2. she is so cute,old follower,hope you can visit my site Mich Book Shelf

  3. My daughter Joelle has about a million nicknames...JoJo, Joey, Jo, JoJoBulow (my husband's favorite!) Phoebe is called Pheebes and Beephy (Beefy). However, my daughter Chloe really doesn't have a nickname. It's weird how nicknames happen for some and not others! Stopping by from Grow Your Blog!


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