Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Fun Adventure Sports to Try With Your Kids

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Whether it is camping, day hiking, bike riding, swimming or you name it, kids usually love getting outdoors. Here are some of the top outdoorsy adventures that will make awesome memories for your family.

1. River Rafting or Tubing
White water rafting can be an exhilarating adventure for families. Rafting down a river with the occasional exciting rapid can be a great way to see beautiful locations and enjoy time together as a family. River rafting trips can be as long as an afternoon, full day or even multiple days. Though children should be a little bit older, many rafting guides and companies only take age 5 and up, this is a great sport to try as a family.

2. Surfing
If your next vacation takes you to the coast, you should definitely sign up your whole family for a surfing lesson. Surfing is a fun sport that gets kids in the ocean. Many surf schools offer beginning lessons that include the rental of wet suits and foam long boards. You can set up a private instruction session for your family or meet new friends who are also beginners. After the lesson, your family will hopefully have a brand new ocean hobby to enjoy together.

3. Skiing and Snowboarding
Now for another water based sport—frozen water that is. Skiing and snowboarding are both excellent opportunities for kids and adults to try together. Plan a vacation to a local mountain resort or get away to the slopes in Colorado, Utah or Mammoth, California. You can rent equipment and hire an instructor. But if you have previous skiing experience, this might be an awesome time to show your kids what you know and teach them yourself. Taking the family on a ski trip might just turn into an annual tradition.

4. Rock Climbing
Another great adventure to take your kids on is rock climbing. Whether you find a local gym or travel to a good bouldering site, rock climbing is a fun hobby that teaches lessons of trust and working together. Kids can learn about belaying each other and practicing good communication as one climbs and the other assists from the ground as an anchor. And once they’ve gotten the hang of it, there are many locations that your family can journey to in search of more rocks to climb.

5. Paintball
The final sport in the countdown is paintball. Yes, families can play paintball, too. Although it may sound like a sport crazy teens and young adults, paintballing can actually be a fun teambuilding game for families. Playing paintball requires helping your teammates to work towards a common target. Find a paintball center near you and find out about taking kids to play there. Perhaps, you can even host a family reunion at a paintball range.

With Patagonia accessories and an enthusiasm for adventure, there are many extreme sports that your family can enjoy experiencing together while gaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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