Saturday, September 21, 2013

Holy Crap Batman... Why I hate social media when it comes to blogging.

When I started my blog three years ago, blogging was just that. Blogging. There was none of this PR crap. No twitter feeds to fill, promotions to do, extravagant giveaways and 5 bajillion ways to follow.

It was about the blog. You followed people because you loved them and/or what they had to say. Now it's this whole business of self-promoting, brand promotion, and trying to get ahead.

It's exhausting... and I don't even do that much of it!

I'm dedicated to the blog, this is my baby and really, it's my place. If all of you lovely readers left tomorrow, I'd be okay and I'd still keep writing. Don't get me wrong, I love all of you. Your comments are amazing, the relationships that have grown out of this little piece of the web are true and valuable... but dude? I write for me.

Where did this come from? So glad you asked. Last week I got an e-mail that included a link to this: A Free Checklist for Growing Your Blog as a Business. You don't have to go read it, basically it just says I need to be tweeting about 10 times a day, following 10 new people on Twitter a day, posting on Facebook a couple of times a day, pinning a picture from every post... oh yeah, and blogging every day.

Seriously? This would have to be my full time job in order to accomplish all this on a daily basis. Not to mention it would be annoying and tedious.

Actually, I hate social media when it comes to blogging. Yeah, I have a Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and Bloglovin' accounts for the blog (and you're more than welcome to follow them) but I will not be blowing up your feeds. I tweet every now and then, Facebook occasionally  update on G+... once? Maybe. And only pin to Pinterest other people's stuff that I love, not my own blog. Does this make me a bad blogger? Maybe. I'm not doing all the things I'm "supposed" to do to grow my blog. But I'm cool with that. For a couple of different reasons.

1) I don't want to read the millions of updates other bloggers post/tweet/update all day long. Thus, I'm not going to bore you with mine. Seems fair to me.

2) I just don't have time. Remember that whole baby, full-time job, grad school, husband, oh and sleep. That shizz is important. The blog comes after all of that. And by the blog I mean writing a blog. Actually just writing. 

3) I figure if you want to read, you would. If you're following me on any of those sites, then you already know me. Why do I need to yell at you all day?

4) There's no 4. It just seemed lame to have a list with only three things on it.

So, because of all that, I'm just not feeding into it. Go ahead and follow however you like (or don't) just don't expect to hear from me 10 times a day. Not. Gonna. Happen. This space here? It will be updated almost every day though.

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  1. So true! I think the most successful bloggers are doing this full time.
    : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. Amen! I totally agree. I only got on twitter because I felt like I "should" because of my blog. I rarely use it at all so whatever. My blog is not a business, it's a hobby, plain and simple.

  3. Wow, how do you do it all? I am struggling! I am a wife, mom to a toddler and about to give birth to my second, working full-time, and going to school full-time. I think I am a little nuts.

  4. I am so glad I stumbled on this post, I agree so much with what you have written.

    Its a full time job blogging hence why since I have not really bothered much.

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  6. My favorite disney movie is a toss up between The Little Mermaid (I love her singing her songs with and without my kids) & Beauty and the Beast.
    What you said is so true. Like you, my blog is a hobby, something that I enjoy doing for myself.
    I love that I didn't have to have a facebook to enter your giveaway. So many times, I find out I can't enter giveaways simply because I don't have a facebook account. I don't why I have to have one to enter their giveaways.

  7. Love this giveaway! Mine was always Cinderalla but I loved The Little Mermaid too!

  8. Thanks for sharing and all the hard work you do here ......I like WINNIE the POOH ......

  9. I completely agree! I have blogger, and bloglovin and that is it as it relates to my blog. I have a personal facebook page, but have never, and hopefully will never, be doing twitter, instagram, and whatever else is out there, especially for a blog!!!

  10. I agree! I just got into this blogging thing and all the social media is overwhelming and distracting!!! Thanks for saying it out loud! Sheesh!
    Corey from

  11. I totally Agree. I may have all those sites attached to my blog but I hardly ever tweet unless its a post I am REALLY excited about! I would rather enjoy blogging than to make it my job. My actual job can be stressful enough.

    1. I also LOVE LION KING, ALADDIN.... I can;t pick a favorite.

  12. Oh girl, I feel ya! It can be quite overwhelming at times.


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