Thursday, September 12, 2013

My kid is 14 months old... so weird

Every time I turn around, the little peanut I brought home from the hospital has grown by leaps and bounds. This kid went from blog, to full grown child in what seems like weeks. I know I haven't done a baby update lately, but she's changed so much since she turned a year old that it blows my mind. I want to make sure I remember this when she's older.

Physically Fynn is a monkey. She loves to climb stairs (much to the chagrin of her babysitter, who often puts a shelf in front of the stairs to hold her at bay), she climbs up and over all the furniture and she loves nothing more then being outside and running around like a mad woman. It's so funny to see all the things she's able to do. I was shocked two weeks ago when I pulled into the driveway at daycare and saw her pushing herself around on a little tricycle. When did she learn to do that??? It's crazy how three months ago she took her first steps, and now she can do all of this.

Fynn is becoming more verbal, though the actual words aren't always clear. She says "shis" to mean shoes, and she loves to walk around the breezeway trying on all our shoes and saying "shis, shis, shis" so freaking cute, but every time I try to get video of it she stops. She says grapes, which makes sense because she LOVES grapes. Really she loves all fruit. I think she would live off of fruit if we let her. She also loves cheese, beans, and hummus, though she doesn't like it when the hummus gets on her hands.

She is very clear about saying no. It's one word that is unmistakable. She also says "yeah" and shakes her head yes so hard that her whole body wiggles with it. She loves to say hi, and will often repeat it about 20 times. It's so funny because she will say hi over and over again and thinks it's hilarious when we say hi back to her every time.

Sometimes I think her name should have been Stewie, because she loves to go "Mom, Mom, Mama, Mama, Mom" over and over again... if she wasn't so cute it would drive me bonkers. When she does it, I just respond back with "Fynn, Fynnie, Fynn, Fynnleigh" which she finds hilarious. 

What kills me is how much she understands these days. I'm pretty sure she understands everything or almost everything we say to her. I can ask her to get something for me or hand me a toy and she will do it most of the time. I can point something else or explain to her what we're going to do, and she does it like she really knows what I'm telling her. She also understands teasing, which is amazing to me. How do babies this young get something that subtle? She knows when we're fooling around "yelling" at her or pretending to gobble her up. But then she also knows when we're upset with her for being naughty and not listening. She knows when I say "No" in a harsh tone that she has to stop what she's doing right at that moment. I know everyone says they grow so fast, but you just don't get it until you're in the middle of it all. 

I find it funny too how she has her own little personality, desires, likes and dislikes. It just seems like someone so little wouldn't have all of that in her. I feel like I say this all the time, but she's just growing so much so fast, it's hard to keep up.

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