Monday, September 16, 2013

Running Running, and Running Running

I ran my first 5K yesterday!!!
Right after an amazing run...
looking like a fool, but feeling great!

After diligently doing the Couch 2 5K program through week 6, I had to kind of fudge the last two weeks because I was a week away from running an actual 5K. I skipped ahead in the program to week 8, and then just focused on running 5K consistently. Shockingly... it wasn't that hard. All the previous training had gotten me ready for the real thing. So much so that skipping the last two weeks worked out.

Personal best before the race

The freaky thing? By building up and getting ready to run the race, I actually started enjoying running. I had my best run last Monday, where I ran 5 K in 35 minutes, 37 seconds... and after I finished, I wanted to keep running... yeah, it kinda of freaked me out to enjoy it that much.

Dear Drew,
Try to mess with my pix?
End up on the blog.
Love, Your wife

Going into the race, I didn't have any expectations. I just wanted to finish without walking at all. I wasn't worried about my time. I wasn't worried about being a superstar. I just wanted to finish and feel good about myself. When we checked in, my slip said that I was 28, and Drew was 26... no bueno! I went right over and fixed that. I may be older, but by 12 days, not two whole years! 

Right before the race the two women who started the race in honor of their brother who passed away on 9/11 talked about using this race to make something good come out of that day... I almost cried. It's amazing how they took their personal tragedy and turned it into a scholarship to help a kid go to college. 

Then it was announced to everyone that it was Drew's birthday. He was mortified... I loved it. The start line was chaotic, 300 people trying to start at the exact same time. Including a high school girl right in front of me who was running with a stroller...a stroller with a cat inside. Yeah, it kind of made my day.

Ready to go!
 I started out strong... a little too strong. I finished the first km in 5:37... I usually average 7-8 minutes per kilometer. I knew it was too fast for me, but I got all caught up in the race-day adrenaline. I ended up slowing down a lot around 3.5 km, but really kicked it in gear at the end. My final time? 33:40. Two full minutes better than my personal best! To say I was proud of myself was the understatement of the year. I was beside myself. I didn't walk at all, AND I beat my personal best time. Right after I crossed the finish line, I thought I was either going to puke or pass out, but after a bottle of water and walking around for a bit I felt fine. Even better was that all the runners got free massages. You can bet I got right in line for that and enjoyed every second of it.

Much better pre-race picture
Now my only question is, when's the next race? That's right, I'm hooked, and I can't wait to do it again. I remember not that long ago, seeing other bloggers/friends who were doing 5k's and I kept thinking how amazing they are and how I could never do that. Obviously their still amazing, but I'm blown away by the fact that I was able to push myself, train, and run my first 5K. I plan on doing more, and Drew and I have even talked about doing a 10K next year... we'll see about that. It sounds awesome... but I'm just wrapping by head around 5K, I'm not quite ready to double that! 


  1. So awesome! I really need to try c25k again!

  2. Congrats! They can be pretty fun. I'm thinking about doing a second marathon this year. My first one was in Los Angeles in 1997! Last year I did a 5k dressed up as Santa, along with 8000 other Santa's.


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