Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So What Wednesday

Wednesday is "So What" day, and this week I'm saying So What;

  • If just last week I suddenly discovered that the 5k Drew and I are doing... is this Sunday... oh crap!
  • If I've been running like crazy this week trying to make sure I'm ready for the run this weekend. I do NOT want to make a complete fool of myself
  • If the more I run, the more I want to eat. Seriously, it's bad... I should stop myself, but it's soooooo hard
  • If being in grad school is making me feel really smart. It's an ego boost I really needed. Speaking of which, I just got a perfect score on my first writing assignment. Told ya, I'm smart!
  • If I love, love, love my students... but they drive me crazy. I just wish they'd shut it long enough for me to get through what I need to get through. Seriously. Zip it!
  • If I'm sitting here finishing up this post while Drew is running around cleaning up... should I help? Hmmmm...
  • If I seriously considered continuing to write rather then getting up to help him... I'm coming, I'm coming! 


  1. Good luck on your 5k this weekend! have you been running for long?

  2. hahah so what wednesday, I love that! Definitely have plenty of moments each week that I just need to take a deep breath and say, so what? Good luck with your 5k!!

    Just found you through the aloha blog hop :) Looking forward to seeing more of your blog!



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