Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So What Wednesday

What day is it?

That's right, it's "So What Wednesday", so I'm saying So What if:

  • I can't wait to get parent volunteers into my classroom... mostly because I hate photocopying and every year there's someone who's willing to do for me. I love those parents! 
  • I'm loving grad school... yeah, I'm a geek. My classwork keeps me super busy and sometimes overwhelmed by trying to balance it with work, and Fynn... but I love learning new thinks and discussing ideas with others.... man I'm a dork
  • Three days later and I'm still on a runner's high from Sunday's race. I'm running more and more this week just to get that feeling back!
  • I have a sweet giveaway going live at 6 am tomorrow and I am over the moon excited about it (quick hint, it involves classic Disney and my childhood). You should probably come back and check it out
  • I showed my class the Hump Day commercial because half my kids were quoting it all the time (okay, okay, I may have too) and the other half had never seen it. What kind of DVR rock are these kids living under?!?
  • Drew just referred to the skin scrapings from his PedEgg* as "foot cocaine"... I'm gagging here
  • My kid loves to ride on the vacuum. Any time it comes out she follows it around and climbs on. Hilarious? Yes. Weird? Of course, but it's not the weirdest thing she does... which should probably worry me. 

*Sorry to out you as a foot-filer Drew, but seriously, you should say stuff like that while I'm blogging. It's just asking for trouble... just like making awful faces when I tell you I'm taking a picture for the blog.


  1. I love the feeling of runner's high. That's partially why I want to run a marathon this year, as it lasts a lot longer!


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