Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Oh the randomness that is my head this week. 

  • I hate four day weeks... I go into them all excited and "yay, it's a short week"... and then it lasts five times as long as a normal week. Fail
  • I also hate the first couple weeks of school. Yes, they're exciting because everything is new and (most) kids are on their best behavior... but man is it exhausting. They don't know the routines yet. They need everything explained a bajillion times and I spend sooooo much time going over things. So tiring. So old. 
  • I swear I'm not going to be a super Negative Nancy this week, just getting things off my chest
  • On a more positive note Drew and I are running a 5k in a few weeks. Is this a positive thing? I'm going to pretend that it is. We've both been training all summer, though I think he's in much better shape for this then I am. Whatever. I'm not going into this to break speed records or even breathe the whole way through. I just want to finish... hopefully without having to walk. Here's hoping. 
  • My amazing husband just bought me the iPhone 5 for my birthday and I'm looking for a new case. I've had an Otterbox for my iPhone 4, and liked it, but I'm wondering what else is out there for tough cases (keep in mind my 1 year old frequently walks around with my phone). But it still needs to be cute. Preferably pink. Any suggestions for a new case? 

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