Thursday, October 31, 2013

A sick baby, freezing temps, and my ghetto home-gym

I'm writing this on Wednesday morning as Fynn is napping. I'm home with her today because she has a hacking cough that makes my heart ache for her. Every time she coughs she cries out in pain... this morning when she was coughing I thought it was really bad, so decided to stay home in case she had to go to the doctors... since then she's only coughed twice, so I'm not as worried. Better safe than sorry. She's obviously not feeling well judging by the hour and a half (and counting) nap she's taking this morning... a nap she never would have taken at daycare because she would be too busy.

Along with the sick baby, I'm freezing. Drew started up the woodstove this morning, but without him feeding/tending it, we don't get the amount of heat I would like. It's been so cold here lately, and it's making me remember why I always curse Maine in the winters. I hate the cold, I hate snow, I hate having to bundle up to sit in my own living room... why do we still live in Maine?

Like I said: ghetto

The other night Drew and I "discovered" a treadmill in our basement. Technically we always knew it was there, it was left by the previous owner (along with a bajillion other treasures and junk) when the house was foreclosed on. We have ignored said treadmill for the past 4 years, but decided to test it out this weekend because Mama needs a way to get her runs in (my current running struggles will be tomorrows topic du jour).

So, I have here, my own ghetto home gym. Complete with a jacked-up piece of a treadmill and an upside-down bucket to put my iPad on to watch some Netflix while I run. Even better? My home gym is located just 4 feet from the woodstove, which means I can run in my shorts and tank top all winter long :) 

Clearly it's the little things in life that give me pleasure. 


  1. Stay warm! Hope Fynn feels better soon!!

  2. haha! I love your ghetto gym. I hope baby girl is feeling better. We've had it rough with Cruze's cough. Every single night he was up crying from the pain and trying to fall back asleep through his cough attacks. So sad. BUT I now have a new go to combo for his cough. I just blogged about it. You should check it out if she's still coughing.


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