Saturday, October 19, 2013

Apple Picking

My favorite thing about fall is going apple picking. I always love walking around the orchard eating way more apples then I put in my bag. It always puts me in the right mindset for the cooler days and oncoming winter. Okay, that parts a lie, I hate winter and nothing will ever truly prepare me for Maine winters. I digress. 

A few weeks ago we hit up the apple orchard with my friend Erin who is an amazing photographer. We went to an orchard about 20 minutes from our house, and Fynn was in heaven. She LOVES apples, so being able to walk around eating two or more at a time was the perfect day for her. I loved picking apples, but more than that, I love the memories Erin captured. She always does a beautiful job with our pictures and I love how she always gets great ones that include me. Since I'm the photo person in the family, I always have a million pictures... of everyone else. Or some lame selfies of myself. Every time we've done pictures with Erin I've been blown away by the gorgeous pictures she gets of our little family. If you live in Southern-ish Maine, Mass... or anywhere near enough, you should check Erin out because she does an amazing job. Even if you don't you should check out her pictures, gorgeous... I may be a little biased since about half her babies/families portfolio involves my sweet little family :) 


  1. What great pictures! I am so jealous of everyone who gets to go apple picking, we don't have any orchards near us! It's something on my bucket list though!

  2. Um, you guys make my job easy! I will follow you around and take pictures any day! But the weird cat on a leash would like to know why it didn't make the blog. It's now upset.


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